About helps you build interactive chatbots for your websites. There is no coding, no AI and no Machine Learning. You simply design the conversational interface and add the chatbot to your site. Chatbot will automate your conversations on your site and collect leads and feedbacks using this conversational interface.

Core Features

• Use the chatbot as a widget on the site - perfect for visitor engagement and lead collection.
• It can be shared using a unique URL - perfect for feedback collection, social campaigns, email campaigns, SMS campaigns.
• It can be embedded on the website - perfect to make certain parts of the site more appealing like blogs, event promotions, etc.
• Our tool can coexist with Live chat tools so that they can use the bot during their offline hours.
• In-depth insights and conversion analytics are provided via the dashboard.
• Average time to make the bot is 30 minutes.
• Over 50+ readymade templates available for different industries/usecases.

Pricing Plans

• Free Forever - $0 - 30 responses
• Lite - $19/month - 500 responses
• Standard - $39/month - 1500 responses
• Plus - $69/month - 5000 responses
KSUM offer
Startups under KSUM can use the Standard Plan for 3 months as trial. If anyone want to continue using it, you can choose any of the above plans and get 30% lifetime discount on any of them. Annual billing takes away 3 months of billing. ?
3 months
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